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Shri Shivaji Education Society Karad's - Board of Higher Education, Karad

Yashwantrao Chavan College of Science, Karad

Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur

NAAC Accredited as"B++" Grade | AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COLLEGE | REG NO. RQ91/R5237

Department of Biotechnology

Attainment of Program Outcomes (POs) and Course Outcomes (COs)

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Attainment of CO & PO 2022-23 View
About Department

Department of Biotechnology is the recent academic venture of this College. Currently department conducts both UG Programme B. Sc Biotechnology (Optional/Vocational). The Department was established in 2008. The department is the pioneer department affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Department provides applications of current scientific methods and techniques to improve the biological systems of plants, animals and microorganisms for the betterment of human kind. Besides providing top education and sophisticated facilities for courses in Biotechnology. The Department plans to undertake the research in recent trends in vital areas of agriculture, pharmaceutical, Food, Animal, Medicine and environmental biotechnology.

The department boasts highly qualified faculty. Moreover, it conducts several self-financing, short-term, career-oriented courses, including one designed in-house to cater to the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry. These courses aim to bridge the gap between academia and industry, addressing social, industrial, and environmental issues.

Actively contributing to academic discourse, the department organizes conferences, seminars, workshops, guest lectures, and student-alumni interactions. It also offers consulting services to farmers.

Students in the Biotechnology Department are encouraged to participate in various student organizations and clubs. These groups offer a platform for networking, organizing events, and fostering a sense of community among physics enthusiasts. Activities may include science outreach programs, industry visit, study tour and social events.


- To be a centre of excellence in field of Biotechnology education, research , training and entrepreneurship guided by sound scientific principles, quality teaching and thrust for improvement


- To impart quality education to the students and enhance their skills which will make them globally competitive
- To develop trained biotechnology professionals who can contribute to the continuous improvement of biotechnological services and products
- To develop scientific and technical resources as per biotechnological industry demands
- To nurture confident individuals who are effect contributors towards growth of the nation
- To instill spirit of innovation and creativity in young minds with sound research aptitude.


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Student Strength

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Best Practice

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Course Outcomes (COs), Program Outcomes (POs) and Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

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Teaching Staff

Photo Name Education Designation Profile
Mrs. Sandhya Sangram Nalawade M.Sc, B.Ed Assistant Professor View
Mrs. Vishakha Rajdeep Patil M.Sc, B.Ed Assistant Professor View
Mrs. Jayashri Sachin Patil M.Sc, B.Sc Assistant Professor View

Old Staff

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Non-Teaching Staff

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Achievements Reports

Sr.No Name Date Type Title Description Report
1 Mrs.Vishakha Rajdeep Patil 04-09-2023 National Publication Raut AA, Patil RR, Mulani AA, Patil VR, Shinde SS, Yadav KA, Sutar KA, Patil JU, Mali GV. 2023. Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles by some microorganisms isolated from jewellery shop waste. Research Journal Agricultural Sciences. 14(5): 1135-1146. UGC Care Listed Journal. View
Students Achievements Reports

Sr.No Name Date Type Title Description Report
1 Saniya Dayanand kale 03-01-2024 College Level NEXT STEP Career Guidance Program Participating in One Day Workshop on Soft Skill Development under 'NEXT STEP' Career Guidance program View
2 Gauri Sambhaji Pawar 16-12-2023 Other Indo Amines Limited Award 2023 Getting award for securing 87.44% in the Biotechnology Examination View
3 Gauri Sambhaji Pawar 15-12-2023 Other Scholarship Award 2023 Getting Scholarship Award for securing 87.44% in Biotechnology Examination View
4 Vaishnavi Prakash Yadav 11-12-2023 University Level Avishkar 2023-24 Pure Sciences Participated in District Level Avishkar Research convention 2023-2024 at UG Level in discipline View
5 Atharva Arvind Salunkhe 04-11-2023 University Level Zonal Sports Secured 2nd place in 4*100 Relay event held at Sou. M.R.J. Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Umbraj View
6 Saniya Dayanand kale 21-10-2023 College Level Workshop on new changed syllabus (CBCS) NEP 2020 of B.Sc.II Participated in Workshop on new changed syllabus (CBCS) NEP 2020 of B.Sc.II Organised by IQAC & Department of Biotechnology View
7 Shritej Rajaram Kajave 21-10-2023 College Level Workshop on New Changed Syllabus (CBCS) NEP-2020 Participated in One Day Workshop on New Changed Syllabus (CBCS) NEP-2020 of B.Sc. II (Opt/Voc) Semester V & VI organised by IQAC and department of Biotechnology. View
8 Dhanashri Dilip Jagdale 12-10-2023 National CSIR-NET Qualified in joint CSIR-UGC NET for Lectureship/Assistant Professor View
9 Saniya Dayanand kale 11-08-2023 College Level Workshop on Environment Stewardship and Upcycling to save Environment Participated in Workshop on Environment Stewardship and Upcycling to save Environment organized by IQAC Eco Club & Eagle Nature Club, YCCS, Karad View
10 Vaishnavi Vishwanath Pawar 24-06-2023 National GATB-2023 Qualified Graduate Aptitude Test - Biotechnology (GAT-B)-2023 View
11 Shreya Sidharth Sawakhande 29-03-2023 College Level Intercollegiate National science Day Competition. Participated in Intercollegiate National science Day Rangoli Competition and securing 2nd Prize View
12 Vaishnavi Vishwanath Pawar 22-03-2023 National JAM - 2023 Qualified Joint Admission Test for Masters (JAM) -2023 View
13 Anushka Santosh Jadhav 29-05-2022 Other Diploma in Hair, Beauty and Makeup Successfully completed Diploma in Hair, Beauty and Makeup course under Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA),Maharashtra View
Research Publications

Sr.No Name Date Publication Type Level Title Link
Research Projects

Sr.No Name of Faculty/Student Project Title Funding Agencies Sanctioned Amount Status Type File
Activities Reports

Sr.No Date Activity Type Level Title No. of Student Benifitted Report
1 25-01-2024 Conference Seminar Workshop College Science Seminar on Biotechnology For Better Tomarrow 140 View
2 20-01-2024 Extension Activity College Biotechnology Brunchfest 2024 40 View
3 21-10-2023 Conference Seminar Workshop College One Day workshop on New Changed Syllabus (CBCS)Of B.Sc.II Biotechnology 20 View
4 22-09-2022 Extension Activity College Best out of Waste 35 View
5 26-03-2022 Conference Seminar Workshop College Strategies of crack competitive Exam in Life Sciences 30 View
6 12-10-2021 Extension Activity College Health and Hygiene Awareness For school students 25 View
7 15-02-2021 Conference Seminar Workshop College One Day Workshop on new Changed Syllabus (CBCS) of B.Sc.III Biotechnology 40 View
8 23-08-2019 Conference Seminar Workshop College One Day Workshop on Revised syllabus (CBCS)of B.Sc.II Biotechnology 20 View
Prominent Alumni

Sr.No Name Company/Organisation Postion/Designation Contact

Yearwise List

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Addon Courses - Skill Oriented/Value Added/Short Term Courses

Sr.No Year Course Name No. Of Students Benifitted Report
1 2022-23 Biological Databases in computers 20 View
2 2022-23 Food Science in Biotechnology 20 View
3 2021-22 Food Science in Biotechnology 20 View
Academic Calendar

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Academic Calender 2023-24 View
Academic Calender 2022-23 View
Academic Calender 2021-22 View
Academic Calender 2020-21 View
Academic Calender 2019-20 View
Academic Calender 2018-19 View

Sr.No Title Year Class File
1 Syllabus 2023-24 B.Sc.III View
1 Syllabus 2023-24 BSC II View
1 Syllabus 2023-24 BSC I View
Departmental Time Table

Sr.No Year Class File
1 2022-23 Time Table View
2 2021-22 Time Table View
3 2020-21 Time Table View
4 2019-20 Time Table View
5 2018-19 Time Table View

Sr.No Title Year Class File
1 Result 2022-23 B.Sc. View
2 Result 2021-22 B.SC. View
3 Result 2020-21 B.Sc. View
4 Result 2019-20 B.Sc. View
5 Result 2018-19 B.Sc. View
MOUs & Collaborations

Sr.No Type Year Agency Name File
1 MOUs & Collaborations 2021-22 Linkage with kshitij Biotech corporationFrom2021 to 2025 View

Sr.No Year No. of Students File
1 2022-23 01 View
2 2021-22 01 View
3 2020-21 04 View
4 2019-20 06 View

Sr.No Year No. of Students File
1 2020-21 14 View
2 2019-20 8 View
3 2022-23 8 View
4 2021-22 2 View
5 2018-19 4 View
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Old Question Papers
Sr.No Paper No Semister File
1 Basics of Cell Biology and Microbiology - III Semister II View
2 Basics of Microbiology - IV Semister II View
3 Basics of Biotechnology II Semister I View
4 Basics of Biotechnology I Semister I View
Sr.No Paper No Semister File
1 r DNA Technology VIII Semister IV View
2 Immunology VII Semister IV View
3 Molecular Biology VI Semister III View
4 Biophysics and Enzyme Technology - Paper V Semister III View
Sr.No Paper No Semister File
1 Cell metabolism and Virology XV Semister VI View
2 Biochemical techniques IX Semister V View
3 Fermentation Technology - XII Semister V View
4 Gene Biotechnology and Bioinformatics - XVI Semister VI View

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