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Shri Shivaji Education Society Karad's - Board of Higher Education, Karad

Yashwantrao Chavan College of Science, Karad

Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur

NAAC Accredited as"B++" Grade | AN ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COLLEGE | REG NO. RQ91/R5237

Welcome Yashwantrao Chavan College of Science, Karad

Shri Shivaji Education Society, Karad, founded by Late Hon. Shri Yashwantrao Chavan, former Deputy Prime Minister of India, esablished this college in June 1958 as Science College Karad with an objective of providing education in science to students of the Karad area in Maharashtra. To keep his memory alive, the college was renamed after him in 1986. The college building inaugurated in 1960 by the then President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad is located in a sprawling campus of around 40 acres and has flourished under the able stewardship of Late Hon. Shri P. D. Patil. Today Yashwantrao Chavan College of Science, Karad is one of the premier educational institution in this region. Read More.









1.Publication 2022-23 Date:20-04-2024

2.Number of book and book chapter publication for the year 2022-23 Date:20-04-2024

3.One Day Seminar on “Career Opportunities in Geology & Challenges of NEP – 2020” Date:04-03-2024

4.National Education Policy:2020 Implementation Date:28-02-2024

5.Energy Saving Campaign Date:28-02-2024

6.One-Day Workshop on Research Methodology Date:20-02-2024

7.One day Workshop on "Future Prospective in Microbiology and Biotechnology" Date:17-02-2024

8.One Day Workshop on "Science & Technology for Sustainable Development" Date:16-02-2024

9.Water Expedition: On-Field Total Dissolved Solid Checking- 2023-24 Date:13-02-2024

10.Cloud Computing Date:13-02-2024

11.Science Seminar On A Hands On Training On "Making Modern Scrolling Displays" Date:12-02-2024

12.Lead College Acitivity On "Entrepreneurship and Start Up" Date:12-02-2024

13.Lead College Activity " Entrepreneurship and Startup" Date:12-02-2024

14.Guest Lecture on " Emerging Trends in the Life Sciences" Date:06-02-2024

15.Determination of Soil available Nitrogen by Kjeldahl method- 2023-24 Date:02-02-2024

16.Online seminar on " Anti-infective Drug Discovery Research-An Overview for Microbiology Students" Date:29-01-2024

17.Determination of Organic Carbon from Soil- 2023-24 Date:29-01-2024

18.Awareness against getting Hacked Date:27-01-2024

19.Science Seminar on Biotechnology For Better Tomarrow Date:25-01-2024

20.Biotechnology Brunchfest 2024 Date:20-01-2024

21.Guest Lecture on -" Reaction Mechanism & Retrosynthesis" Date:20-01-2024

22.One Day Seminar on “Application of Hydrogeology in watershed Development” Date:19-01-2024

23.Guest lecture under Science Seminar on " Computational Methods in Mathematics" Date:18-01-2024

24.BSc II & III - Educational Trip Date:16-01-2024

25.One Day Workshop on Preparation of Household Chemicals Date:06-01-2024

26.One Day Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development Date:04-01-2024

27.Microbiome food festival 23-24 Date:02-01-2024

28.One Day Workshop on Advanced Instrumentation Techniques Date:01-01-2024

29.One Day Workshop on Government Jobs for Chemistry Date:01-01-2024

30.Scientific Short play presentation Date:13-12-2023

31.One Day Workshop on Personality Development Date:09-12-2023

32.New Changed Syllabus of B.Sc. CS(Optional)-II Sem-III Paper-V, VI, VII & VIII Theory Date:28-10-2023

33.One day workshop on "New changed syllabus (CBCS) of B.Sc.II Paper VII, VIII and Practical of Mathematics Date:28-10-2023

34.One Day Workshop on Revised Syllabus of B.Sc.II Date:28-10-2023

35.One Day Workshop on Revised Syllabus of MSc-I Physical Chemistry Date:21-10-2023

36.One Day workshop on New Changed Syllabus (CBCS)Of B.Sc.II Biotechnology Date:21-10-2023

37.One Day workshop on Revised Syllabus of B.Sc. III Electronics (NEP-2020) Date:20-10-2023

38.One day National Seminar on "NEP:2020" Date:14-10-2023

39.One day workshop on “Assessment, Management and Mitigation of Natural Disasters” Date:13-10-2023

40."Wild Life Photography Workshop" Date:12-10-2023

41."Conservation of Reptiles and Specimen Exhibition" Date:11-10-2023

42."Biodiversity Poster Presentation" Date:10-10-2023

43.Science Seminar Activity on topic 'Bioinformatics: Research and Opportunities Date:07-10-2023

44.Guest Lecture on Care Taken by Students in case of Law Date:05-10-2023

45.Scientific Rangoli Competition Date:05-10-2023

46.Future Job Trends in IT Date:26-09-2023

47.Future Job Trends in IT Date:25-09-2023

48.Awareness program “Know About Earth” on 16/09/2023 Date:16-09-2023

49.Career Opportunities in Competitive Examinations Date:15-09-2023

50.One Day Workshop on NET SET Examinations Date:15-09-2023

51."International Vulture Day" Date:30-08-2023

52.Plantation Drive Date:30-08-2023

53.Environment steward and upcycling to save envrionment Date:11-08-2023

54.Animation Awareness Program Date:09-08-2023

55.Medical checkup of female staff and students Date:28-07-2023

56.One Day Workshop on Skill Development Date:26-07-2023

57.B.Sc. II Visit to INNOVHUB SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED GH,Society ,Karad. Date:31-05-2023

58.Online Quiz on the occasion of "International Day for Biological Diversity" Date:22-05-2023

59.Electronics Students Projects B.Sc.III Date:22-05-2023

60.Online Quiz on the occasion of "International Day for Biological Diversity" Date:22-05-2023

61.Field Visit B. Sc. III Aesthetic Garden Visit 20-05-2023 Date:20-05-2023

62.Field Visit B. Sc. II Mahabaleshwar 15-05-2023 Date:15-05-2023

63.Environment Awareness Programme organized by Department of Botany and Pollution in association with MoEF&CC, Botanical Survey of India, Pune Date:13-05-2023

64.Field Visit B. Sc. III Bhaskar Ayurvedic Aushdhalaya Kadegaon 12-5-2023 Date:12-05-2023

65.Online Workshop on Spring and Hibernate Framework of java used in IT Companies Date:09-05-2023

66.Visit To INNOVHUB SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED GH,Society ,Karad. Date:05-05-2023

67.Vasant Karandak "Street Play" - First Prize Date:30-04-2023

68.Field Visit B. Sc. I and II Botanical Garden YCCSKarad 29-04-2023 Date:29-04-2023

69.Online Quiz on the occasion of "World Earth Day" Date:22-04-2023

70.Study Visit to Sahyadri Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. Yashwantnagar Karad Date:11-04-2023

71.MSc II Educational tour Date:08-04-2023

72.Energy Saving Campaign Date:01-04-2023

73.Industrial Visit 2022-23 Date:24-03-2023

74.Online Quiz on the occasion of “World Water Day” Date:22-03-2023

75.Online Quiz on the occasion of "International Forest Day" Date:21-03-2023

76.Study Visit to National Research Center for Grapes, and Vasant Dada Sugar Institute Pune Date:17-03-2023

77.Water Expedition: On-Field Total Dissolved Solids Checking- 2022-23 Date:16-03-2023

78.National Conference on- Green Chemistry and Advanced Materials (GCAM-2023) Date:14-03-2023

79.Lead College Activity " Mobile Troubleshooting, fault finding and Model" Date:09-03-2023

80.Report Writing and IPR Lead College Activity organized by Department of Botany Date:08-03-2023

81.One Day Workshop on NET SET Examinations Date:08-03-2023

82.Celebration of "International Women's Day" Date:08-03-2023

83.Lead College Activity under Guest lecture on " Mathematics for Competitive Exam" Date:06-03-2023

84.Andhashraddha Nirmulan Lecture Date:06-03-2023

85.Lecture on emerging techniques in Microbiology Date:04-03-2023

86.NSS Special Camp Date:01-03-2023

87.Electronics Students Seminar B.Sc. Ill Date:20-02-2023

88.Electronics Students Seminar B.Sc. II Date:20-02-2023

89.Study Visit to Gadre Marine Export Ltd. Ratnagiri Date:17-02-2023

90.Use of Statistics in Data Science Date:15-02-2023

91.Science Seminar on Interview Preparation Techniques Date:08-02-2023

92.Determination of Organic Carbon from Soil-2022-23 Date:23-01-2023

93.Awareness program “Know About Earth” on 19th and 20th January 2023 Date:19-01-2023

94.Creating Awareness of Physics at School Date:14-01-2023

95.Awareness against getting Hacked Date:12-01-2023

96.Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Rajmata Jijavu and Swami Vivekanand -Department of Botany Date:12-01-2023

97.Celebration of Birth Annicersary of Rajmata Jijau and Swami Vivekanand Date:12-01-2023

98.Consultation Provided to Farmers for Development of Vermicomposting Date:05-01-2023

99.Participation in 'Yuva Mahotsav' - Street Play (Third Prize) Date:24-12-2022

100.One Day Workshop On Strategies To Crack Competitive Exam in Life Sciences Date:13-12-2022

101.Seminar on “Landslide – Causes & Precautions” Date:12-12-2022

102.Advanced Techniques in Analytical Chemistry Date:12-12-2022

103.Career Opportunities in Physics Date:06-12-2022

104.Krishna River Cleaning Date:02-12-2022

105.Field Visit B. Sc. I and II Botanical Garden YCCSKarad 30-11-2022 Date:30-11-2022

106.Science Seminar on Various Opportuities in YCMOU Date:28-11-2022

107.Career Opportunity in Zoology Date:28-11-2022

108.Career Opportunity in Zoology Date:28-11-2022

109.Celebration of "Constitution Day of India" Date:26-11-2022

110.Online Quiz on the occasion of "Constitution Day pf India" Date:26-11-2022

111.Science Seminar Activity on topic Biodiversity Golden eggs of Nature Date:24-11-2022

112.Hygienic awareness among school children Date:18-11-2022

113.Celebration of "International Women's Day" - Guest Lecture: Cyber Crime and its prevention from Women Date:10-11-2022

114.Central Yuva Mahotsav: Clay Modelling (Matikam) - Consolation Prize Date:17-10-2022

115.Participation in 'Yuva Mahotsav' - Street Play- First Prize Date:14-10-2022

116.Film shown on Wild life Date:02-10-2022

117.Film Shown on wild life Date:02-10-2022

118.Electronics Students Seminar B.Sc. III Date:01-10-2022

119.Youth Festival 2022-2023 - Registered Student Details Date:28-09-2022

120.Celebration of Navratri - Navdurga: Jagar Stri shakticha 26/09/2022 to 04/10/2022 Date:26-09-2022

121.Best out of Waste Date:22-09-2022

122.Webinar Series on the occasion of Celebration of Bicentenary of "Mendel" Webinar No. 03 Date:22-09-2022

123.Blood Donation Date:17-09-2022

124.National Webinar on the occasion of "World Ozone Day” Date:16-09-2022

125.Awareness Of Computer Date:13-09-2022

126.Visit to ganesh Mandals and Appeal to celebrate Eco-Friendly Ganesh Utsav - 13th to 20th Sept. 2022 Date:13-09-2022

127.Science Seminar by Student: Chaitrali Katare B.Sc. I, Topic - Bacteriophage Date:29-08-2022

128.Webinar Series on the occasion of Celebration of Bicentenary of "Mendel" Webinar No. 02 Date:23-08-2022

129.Poster exhibition: Ajjadi ka Amrut Mahotsav Date:13-08-2022

130.Poster exhibition: Ajjadi ka Amrut Mahotsav Date:13-08-2022

131.Cycling Rally Date:13-08-2022

132.Tree Rakshabandhan Date:11-08-2022

133.Tree Rakshabandhan Date:11-08-2022

134.Online Quiz on the occasion of “Vanmahotsav” Date:01-08-2022

135.Webinar Series on the occasion of Celebration of Bicentenary of "Mendel" Webinar No. 01 Date:22-07-2022

136.Electronics Students Projects B.Sc.III Date:22-06-2022

137.Number of Seminars/conferences/workshops conducted by the institution in the year 2022-23 Date:22-06-2022

138.Career Opportunities in IT Industries Date:08-06-2022

139.Career Opportunities in IT Industries Date:08-06-2022

140.visit to A3DXYZ Devices and System. Date:06-06-2022

141.Celebration of Shiv-Swarajya Din Date:06-06-2022

142.Chemistry Quiz Competition Date:06-06-2022

143.Celebration of Shiv-Swarajya Din: Poster Competition on "Forts of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj" Date:06-06-2022

144.Seminar on “Career Guidance & Opportunities in Geology” Date:28-05-2022

145.Science seminar on 'Career Opportunities in Microbiology Date:28-05-2022

146.A science Seminar on Conversion of Normal Cycle to E-Cycle Date:26-05-2022

147.Job Opportunities after Higher Educations Date:18-05-2022

148.Science Seminar by Student: Date: 13.05. 2022 - 1. Asharani Mali- B.Sc. I : Topic: Biotic and Abiotic factor, 2. Shreyash Swami- B.Sc. I :Topic :Food Chain; Date: 19.05.2022 - 1. Sujata Kadam- B.Sc. I Topic: Food Chain, 2. Gaurav Angarakhe- B.Sc. I Topic: Pyramid of Biomass Date:13-05-2022

149.Zero Sadow Day- A Special Celestial Festival Date:08-05-2022

150.Online Quiz on the occasion of "World Earth Day" Date:22-04-2022

151.Industrial Visit to Rajaram College Kolhapur Date:18-04-2022

152.Cleanliness & Fruit donation at Remand home ,Karad Date:16-04-2022

153.Group Discussion B. Sc. II Botany Department Date:01-04-2022

154.Learning through Game Play - Botany Department Date:01-04-2022

155.Determination of Organic Carbon from Soil and Nature of pH - 2021-22 Date:30-03-2022

156.Energy Saving Campaign Date:30-03-2022

157.Group Discussion B. Sc. I Botany Department Date:29-03-2022

158.Strategies of crack competitive Exam in Life Sciences Date:26-03-2022

159.Strategies to Crack Competitive Exam in Chemical Science -NET SET Date:26-03-2022

160.Students participation under MOU with Department of Botany, Shivaji University, Kolhapur Date:26-03-2022

161.Rally on Beti bacaho.Beti padhavo in Shirawade village Date:24-03-2022

162.Tree plantation at Shirawade Village Date:24-03-2022

163.Online Quiz on the occasion of "World Water Day" Date:22-03-2022

164.Movements before Freedom Date:22-03-2022

165.Cleanliness at shirawade village during camp Date:20-03-2022

166.Importance of Reading Date:20-03-2022

167.Water Expedition: On-Field Total Dissolved Solid Checking 2021-22 Date:15-03-2022

168.Celebration of "International Women's Day" Date:08-03-2022

169.State Level Webinar on the occasion of "International Women's Day" Date:08-03-2022

170.National Webinar on the occasion of World Wildlife Day. Topic: Snake identification, misconception and Snakebite mitigation Date:03-03-2022

171.Multimedia Enriched E-Content development for Effective Online Teaching Date:01-03-2022

172.National webinar on “Multimedia Enriched E-content Development for Effective Online Teaching” Date:01-03-2022

173.Electronics Students Seminar B.Sc. Il Date:20-02-2022

174.National webinar on “Sustainability Science: A multidisciplinary Approach" Date:09-02-2022

175.Bike Rally for Stop Forest Fire in Collaboration with Forest Department Date:06-02-2022

176.Creating Awareness of Physics at School Date:21-01-2022

177.Tree Plantation Date:17-01-2022

178.CIVID 19 Vaccination Campaign Date:17-01-2022

179.Traditional Day: Cultural Activity Date:14-01-2022

180.Online Seminar- Celebration of Birth Annicersary of 1. Rajmata Jijau and 2. Swami Vivekanand Date:12-01-2022

181.Inaugural Function Date:07-01-2022

182.Cultural Program: Lawani Nrutya Date:04-01-2022

183.Guest Lecture: Topic- आम्ही सावित्रीच्या लेकी (We the daughters of Savitri) Date:03-01-2022

184.Linkage Books Published Padmabhushan Dr. Vasantraodada Patil College, Tasgaon Date:01-01-2022

185.Linkage with Krishna Mahavidyalaya, Rethare Bk Collaborative research Department of Botany Date:01-01-2022

186.Science Seminar Activity Science Seminar and Scientica organized by Botany Department Date:29-12-2021

187.Exhibition of Fruits and Vegetables-Medicinal and Nutritional Properties organized by Department of Botany Date:29-12-2021

188.Hygienic Awareness Among School Children Date:24-12-2021

189.One Day Workshop on "Advanced Material and Nanotechnology" Date:18-12-2021

190.Guest Lecture on Plants: Precious Gift of Nature - Department of Botany Date:18-12-2021

191.Guest Lecture: “Need of Environmental Education and Conservation" Date:18-12-2021

192.Celebration of "National Energy Conservation Day" Date:14-12-2021

193.Seminar on "Use of Chemistry in Every Day Life" Date:11-12-2021

194.Celebration of "Noble Prize Day" Date:10-12-2021

195.Celebration of "National Pollution Control Day". Date:02-12-2021

196.AIDS Awareness Date:01-12-2021

197.One Day Workshop on Beneficial Effects of Radiations & Indian Nuclear Energy Programmer (IARP2021) Date:27-11-2021

198.Celebration of "Constitution Day of India" Date:26-11-2021

199.Voter Awareness Activity Date:26-11-2021

200.Automatic College Bell Installation at Venutai Chavan College, Karad Dist. Satara Date:30-10-2021

201.Automatic National Anthem System installation at Venutai Chavan College, Karad, Dist. Satara Date:30-10-2021

202.One day workshop on New changed Syllabus B.Sc.III (Electronics) Sem. V Date:30-10-2021

203.Vachan Prerana Din - Celebration of Birth Annicersary of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Date:15-10-2021

204.Health and Hygiene Awareness For school students Date:12-10-2021

205.Navratri festival of STRI SHAKTI - Online Presentation (PPT) on The Great Durgas of World - 07/10/2021 to 15/10/2021 Date:07-10-2021

206.Film Shown on Wild life Date:01-10-2021

207.Film shown on wild life Date:01-10-2021

208.Blood Donation Campaign Date:17-09-2021

209.Online National E Conference on intellectual Property Rights-Basics & Process (IPRBP-2021) Date:04-09-2021

210.Seminar on “Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and its Applications in Geosciences” Date:01-09-2021

211.Sanitizer and Mask Distribution Date:28-08-2021

212.Awareness of Computer Date:16-08-2021

213.A 3D XYZ Device & System , 3D printer Workshop ,GH Society ,Karad. (Online) Date:28-07-2021

214.State Level Webinar on the Occasion of World Nature Conservation Day Date:28-07-2021

215.Quiz on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of Father of Genetics "Gregor Johann Mendel" Date:20-07-2021

216.Online Inauguration of ECO-Club & Celebration of Vanmahotsav Date:07-07-2021

217.Special Lecture Series on "Career Opportunities in Botany" (online mode: 24 to 26 June 2021) Date:24-06-2021

218.Number of workshops/seminars conducted on Research Methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and entrepreneurship during the year Date:06-06-2021

219.Online Quiz on the occasion of "World Environment Day" Date:05-06-2021

220.Online Quiz on the occasion of "World Environment Day" Date:05-06-2021

221.Online Quiz on the occasion of " International Day for Biological Diversity" Date:22-05-2021

222.Online Quiz on the occasion of "World Earth Day" Date:22-04-2021

223.Online Quiz on the occasion of "WOrld Health Day : Plants For Human Health" Date:07-04-2021

224.Energy Saving Campaign Date:23-03-2021

225.Online Quiz on the occasion of "World Water Day" Date:22-03-2021

226.Online Quiz on the occasion of "International Forest Day" Date:21-03-2021

227.One Day Workshop on Advanced Techniques in Chemical Sciences Date:20-03-2021

228.One Day Workshop on 'Horticulture and their Application' Date:20-03-2021

229.Celebration of "International Women's Day" (Online Mode) Date:08-03-2021

230.Celebration of "International Women's Day" Date:08-03-2021

231.Science Seminar by Student: Swapnil Devkant - B.Sc. I - Seminar Tpoic: Strcture of Virus Date:03-03-2021

232.Online Quiz on the occasion of "National Science Day" Date:28-02-2021

233.Electronics Students Projects B.Sc.III Date:26-02-2021

234.One Day Online Workshop on Revised Syllabus Date:16-02-2021

235.One Day Workshop on new Changed Syllabus (CBCS) of B.Sc.III Biotechnology Date:15-02-2021

236.One day online workshop on “New Changed Syllabus” Date:12-02-2021

237.One day online workshop on new changed syllabus of B.Sc.III Semester VI Date:09-02-2021

238.'C' Certificate Cader Date:07-02-2021

239.New Changed Syllabus of B.Sc. CS(Entire)-III Sem-V Date:04-02-2021

240.New Changed Syllabus of B.Sc. CS(Optional)-III Sem-V Date:03-02-2021

241.Electronics Students Seminar B.Sc. III Date:05-01-2021

242.Electronics Students Seminar (Online Mode) B.Sc. Il Date:05-01-2021

243.Celebration of "Constitution Day of India" Date:26-11-2020

244.Navratri festival of STRI SHAKTI - Online Presentation (PPT) on The Great Durgas of World - 17/10/2020 to 26/10/2020 Date:17-10-2020

245.Navratri festival of STRI SHAKTI - Online Presentation (PPT) on The Great Durgas of World - 17/10/2020 to 26/10/2020 Date:17-10-2020

246.Online Quiz on the occasion of "World Science Day" Date:10-10-2020

247.One day Webinar on Linux Operating System Date:19-09-2020

248.Linux Operating System Date:19-09-2020

249.Blood Donation Campaign Date:17-09-2020

250.Blood Donation Camp Date:17-09-2020

251.Online Quiz on the occasion of "World Ozone Day" Date:16-09-2020

252.National E Conference on Advanced Analytical Techniques (NCAAT-2020) Date:07-09-2020

253.Webinar on Exploring Data Science using Python Date:03-09-2020

254.International E Conference on Chemistry Research & Competencies (ICCRC 2020) Date:17-08-2020

255.Tree Plantation Date:15-08-2020

256.National Level E-Quiz Test on Chemistry Date:27-07-2020

257.National Webinar on 'Materials for Energy' Date:25-07-2020

258.National Webinar on Science, Environment and Human Health was organized by Guru Angad Dev Teaching-Learning Centre of MHRD (PMMMNMT) SGTB Khalsa College> Delhi University in collaboration with Yashwantrao Chavan College of Science Karad (IQAC & Department of Botany) Date:02-07-2020

259.Tree Plantation Date:01-07-2020

260.A National Webinar on Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) & Department of Microbiology “Living with COVID-19 ” Sunday, 14th June, 2020 2020-2021 Date:14-06-2020

261.One Day International Webinar on Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) & Department of Microbiology “Current Perspectives of Microbial Diseases 2020” 5 th June, 2020 Date:05-06-2020

262.Donation of edible and Sanitary material to Police personnel during COVID pandemic duties Date:17-04-2020

263.Electronics Students Projects B.Sc.III Date:06-03-2020

264.Energy Saving Campaign Date:05-03-2020

265.Industrial Visit at Digitech Elevator ,Karad B.Sc.III Date:04-03-2020

266.To determine Percentage of Nitrogen in the Soil and pH of Soil 2019-20 Date:02-03-2020

267.Field Visit B. Sc. III Pushkar Nursery, Surli 27-02-2020 Date:27-02-2020

268.Guest Lecture on Phytogeographical Regions of India - Botany Department Date:26-02-2020

269.Industrial Visit 2019-20 Date:25-02-2020

270.Visit to Abhilasha silk and silk product, Wathar Date:24-02-2020

271.Science Seminar on Programming Languages Date:17-02-2020

272.Guest lecture under Science Seminar on "An Introduction of Mathematical Software - Scilab" Date:17-02-2020

273.A science Seminar on Ethical Hacking Date:12-02-2020

274.Application of Statistics Date:04-02-2020

275.One week program with bike rally in assistance with Forest Departments Date:01-02-2020

276.Field Visit B. Sc. III Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Kokan Krishi Vidyapeeth Dapoli 30-1-2020 and 31-01-2020 Date:30-01-2020

277.Microbiome food festival Date:28-01-2020

278.Cultural Program Date:26-01-2020

279.Elocution Competition Date:26-01-2020

280.Hostel Day - Prize Distribution Function Date:26-01-2020

281.Study Tour B. Sc. II Regional Ayurveda Institute and BSDT Trust Ayurved Mahavidyalaya Pune 25-01-2020 Date:25-01-2020

282.One Day Workshop on Fruit Processing - Department of Botany Date:24-01-2020

283.Village Cleaning Date:22-01-2020

284.Guest Lecture on Soft skill Development Date:20-01-2020

285.Guest Lecture: Title: "Pori Jara Japun" Date:20-01-2020

286.Electronics Students Seminar B.Sc. III Date:19-01-2020

287.Construction of Vanari Dam Date:19-01-2020

288.Electronics Students Seminar B.Sc. Il Date:18-01-2020

289.NSS Special Camp Date:18-01-2020

290.Student Cultural Program Date:15-01-2020

291.Traditional Day Cultural Activity Date:15-01-2020

292.Traditional Day: Cultural Activity Date:15-01-2020

293.Competitions: Flower arrangement, Salad Decoration and Mahendi Date:14-01-2020

294.Best Cadet Activity Date:14-01-2020

295.Field Visit B. Sc. III Sadawaghapur Patan 13-01-2020 Date:13-01-2020

296.Modern Techniques in Life Science Date:13-01-2020

297.Science Seminar on Ethnomedicinal Knowledge for sustainable use organized by Department of Botany Date:11-01-2020

298.Creating Awareness of Physics at School Date:11-01-2020

299.Rangoli Competition on Plant Science Date:11-01-2020

300.National Conference on Advances in Chemical Science (NCACS-2020) Date:08-01-2020

301.Guest Lecture on Importance of Cyber Security Date:03-01-2020

302.Guest Lecture: Title: ““क्रांतीज्योती सावित्रीबाई फुले यांचे जीवनकार्य" Biography of Savitribai Phule Date:03-01-2020

303.Guest Lecture on Application of Analytical Chemistry Date:28-12-2019

304.One Day National Workshop on 'Intellectual Property Rights Date:27-12-2019

305.Guest lecture- Topic: Stress Management Date:23-12-2019

306.Foreign Languages Date:16-12-2019

307.Science Seminar by Student: 1. Ashwini Mohite - B.Sc. III, 2. Tejas Sankpal B.Sc. I Date:01-12-2019

308.AIDS Awareness Date:01-12-2019

309.Celebration of "Constitution Day of India" Date:26-11-2019

310.Guest Lecture on Development and Significance of Periodic Table Date:10-10-2019

311.Reproductive health Date:09-10-2019

312.Exhibition on Seed Art and Seed Jwellery - Department of Botany Date:07-10-2019

313.Navdurga- Jagar Stri shakticha Discussed the biography of Indian female personalities Dr. Paramjeet Khurana, Scientist, Plant Biotechnology Date:03-10-2019

314.Film Shown On Wild Life Date:01-10-2019

315.Biodiversity Poster Presentation Date:01-10-2019

316.Biodiversity Poster Presentation Date:01-10-2019

317.Guest Lecture on Advanced Instrumentation techniques Date:28-09-2019

318.One day workshop on “Revised syllabus of Geology” Date:26-09-2019

319.Mission Chandrayan Date:19-09-2019

320.Blood Donation Campaing Date:17-09-2019

321.Blood Donation Camp Date:17-09-2019

322.Exhibition of Medicinal Plants Date:16-09-2019

323.Visit to ganesh Mandals and Appeal to celebrate Eco-Friendly Ganesh Utsav" Date:04-09-2019

324.One Day Workshop on Revised syllabus (CBCS)of B.Sc.II Biotechnology Date:23-08-2019

325.New Changed Syllabus of B.Sc. CS(Entire)-II Sem-III Paper V & VI Theory Date:23-08-2019

326.New Changed Syllabus of B.Sc. CS(Optional)-II Sem-III Paper V & VI Theory Date:23-08-2019

327.Water Expedition: On-Field Total Dissolved Solids Checking 2019-20 Date:22-08-2019

328.New Changed Syllabus of B.Sc. II Practical Date:21-08-2019

329.One day workshop on new changed syllabus of B.Sc. II (CBCS) Date:21-08-2019

330.One Day Workshop on "New Changed Syllabus (CBCS) of B,Sc, II Paper VII and Practical of Zoology" Date:21-08-2019

331.Krushna Ghat Garden Cleaning Date:20-08-2019

332.Poster Competition – Topic: Environment - Department of Botany Date:01-08-2019

333.Inaugural Function and Greeny Army Registration certificate distribution Date:01-08-2019

334.Inaugural Function Date:31-07-2019

335.Tree Plantation Date:18-07-2019

336.Tree Plantation at Kiwal Date:18-07-2019

337.Tree Plantation at Kiwal Hill Date:01-07-2019

338.Electronics Students Projects B.Sc.III Date:20-03-2019

339.Energy Saving Campaign Date:12-03-2019

340.Cleaning of Town Hall Area Date:10-03-2019

341.Guest Lecture on Instrumental Techniques & its Application industry Date:09-03-2019

342.Research Methodology, Scientific Paper & Poster Presentation Date:06-03-2019

343.To determine percentage of Nitrogen in the Soil 2018-19 Date:04-03-2019

344.Career Guidance Date:26-02-2019

345.Guest lecture under Science Seminar on "Scope of Mathematics" Date:20-02-2019

346.Guest lecture- Topic: “Conservation of Forest Wealth” Date:20-02-2019

347.A Science Seminar on IOT : Internet of Things Date:19-02-2019

348.Field Visit B. Sc. II and III Krishi Vigyan Kendra Baramati and Sugarcane Research Centre Padegaon 13-02-2019 Date:13-02-2019

349.Life cycle of butterfly Date:07-02-2019

350.Study Tour B. Sc. III Vengurla, Malwan and Sindhudurg 4-2-2019 and 5-2-2019 Date:05-02-2019

351.Guest Lecture on Silica Nanoparticles & its Applications Date:30-01-2019

352.Hostel Day- Prize distribution of Various competition Date:26-01-2019

353.Hostel Day- various competition and cultural activitiy: Rangoli competitiona Date:25-01-2019

354.Hostel Day- various competition and cultural activitiy: Mehndi competition Date:24-01-2019

355.Hostel Day- various competition and cultural activitiy: Poster competition Date:24-01-2019

356.Elocution Competition Date:22-01-2019

357.Krushna river cleaning Date:22-01-2019

358.Sport Competition: Running Date:20-01-2019

359.Sport Competition: Short-Put Date:20-01-2019

360.Industrial Visit 2018-19 Date:19-01-2019

361.NSS Special Camp Date:19-01-2019

362.One Day Workshop on Mushroom Cultivation for Entrepreneurship Development organized by Department of Botany Date:17-01-2019

363.Sericulture Date:17-01-2019

364.Consultation Provided to Farmers for Development of Vermicomposting Units Date:15-01-2019

365.Creating Awareness of Physics at School Date:14-01-2019

366.Celebration of "Yuva Din"- Birth Anniversary of "Rajmata Jijau and Swami Vivekanand" Date:12-01-2019

367.Water Expedition: On-Field Total Dissolved Solids Checking 2018-19 Date:10-01-2019

368.Electronics Students Seminar B.Sc. Il Date:05-01-2019

369.Linkage Activity Guest Lecture delivered at Yashavantrao Chavan Institute of Science, Satara (Autonomous) Date:28-12-2018

370.Spardha Pariksha Ek Parisanvad Date:22-12-2018

371.Vijay Diwas Date:16-12-2018

372.Guest Lecture Activity on Recent Trends in Biotechnology Date:12-12-2018

373.Cycling Track Date:02-12-2018

374.Celebration of "Constitution Day of India" Date:26-11-2018

375.Tree Plantation Date:25-11-2018

376.Reading Inspiration Day (Vachan Prerana Divas) Birth anniversary of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam - Department of Botany Date:15-10-2018

377.Modern Techniques in Life Sciences and Career Opportunities Date:21-09-2018

378.Visit to Ganesh Mandals and Appeal to celebrate Eco-Friendly Ganesh Utsav" Date:20-09-2018

379.Awareness Program to the various Sanskrutik Mandal about social duties in Ganpati Festival Date:20-09-2018

380.Blood Donation Campaign Date:17-09-2018

381.Blood Donation Camp Date:17-09-2018

382.One Day Workshop on Beneficial Effects of Radiuation and Indian Nuclear Energy Programme IARP 2018 Date:15-09-2018

383.Green Army Registration Date:12-09-2018

384.Guest Lecture on Fluorimetry and Phosphorimetry Date:09-09-2018

385.World of Scientists Date:08-09-2018

386.Interaction with Students Date:06-09-2018

387.Celebration of "Teachers" Day by offering a "Plants" to Teacher Date:05-09-2018

388.Voter Registration Activity Date:04-09-2018

389.Field Visit B. Sc. III Walmiki and Patan 01-09-2018 Date:01-09-2018

390.New Changed Syllabus of B. Sc. I Physics Date:20-08-2018

391.Guest Lecture on Crop improvement methods with special reference to Mutation breeding - Department of Botany Date:13-08-2018

392.Guest Lecture: “Biodiversity" Date:01-08-2018

393.Plantation Activity Date:01-07-2018

394.Science Seminar by Student: 1. Pratiksha Pawar - B.Sc. I, Rutuja Shinde - B.Sc. III Date:16-01-2018

395.Industrial Visits and Field Visits Date:00-00-0000

396.Research Based Activities Date:00-00-0000

397.Exhibitions Date:00-00-0000

398.Clubs and Fests Date:00-00-0000

399.Internship Date:00-00-0000

400.Seminars And Guest Lectures Date:00-00-0000

401.Workshops Date:00-00-0000

402.Competitions Date:00-00-0000

403.Practicals Date:00-00-0000

404.NCC Activity 2018-19 Date:00-00-0000

405.NCC Activity 2019-20 Date:00-00-0000

406.NCC Activity 2020-21 Date:00-00-0000

407.NCC Activity 2021-22 Date:00-00-0000

408.NCC Activity 2022-23 Date:00-00-0000

409.MoU with Loknete Mohanrao Kadam Agriculture College Guest Lecture Dr. S A Kirtane Date:00-00-0000

Principal Desk Message

  Welcome to Yashwantrao Chavan College of Science, Karad, where curiosity meets discovery and learning knows no bounds. It was founded in 1958 by the great leader from this place and the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Late Hon. Shri Yashwantrao Chavan with the vision of providing the best facilities for top quality science education to students of this rural area. "

With a modest beginning the college has taken giant strides since then to keep up with its ideals and become one of the premier educational institutions in the Shivaji University jurisdiction today. Accredited with a B++ grade by NAAC in 2017, the special feature of this college is the studious and industrious Read More  

Principal Dr. S. B. Kengar

Our Pride

Hon. Late Shri Yashwantraoji Chavan
Deputy Prime Minister of India (1979-80)

Our Pride

Hon. Late P.D. Patil, Founder Chairman
Shri. Shivaji Education Society Karad’s Board for Higher Education (1958 to 2008)

Our Guide

Hon. M.L.A. Shri Balasaheb Patil, Chairman
Shri. Shivaji Education Society Karad’s Board for Higher Education

Shri Shivaji Education Society, Karad

With his good educational background, Late Hon. Shri Yashwantrao Chavan realised that education of the masses alone is the panacea for the populace of this country. Also seeing the truth in Mahatma Gandhi’s belief that `India lives in its villages’ he decided that rural India needed more educational facilities. With this view therefore, he, along with close confidantes, established the Shri Shivaji Education Society, Karad in 1945 with the prime objective of promoting quality education at the Primary, Secondary as well as Higher (college) levels in all streams such as Arts, Science, Technology, Industry, Agriculture, Commerce,etc along with providing adequate infrastructure and advanced facilities for the same. Spreading of this educational atmosphere in the surrounding region was also another of its important objectives. Accordingly, it started the Read More


“To educate students through dedicated holistic attitude to develop ethical, disciplined, sensible and determined citizen to cope with local to global challenges” Read More


To Perpetuate a science culture among the rural masses of this region so that the youth develop a scientific temperament and build up a capacity for objective Read More

Quality Policy

To create a "Center of excellence" through a continual improvement in the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, with the best Read More.

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