Be one with the downtrodden and the underprivileged
To perpetuate a science culture among the rural masses of this region so that the youth develop a scientific temperament and build up a capacity for objective enquiry that can help them better their lives and help avail of the best in advanced educational facilities available locally and elsewhere in the country so as to grow up into dutiful citizens and contribute actively to the scientific growth of the nation.
Goals And Objectives
  • To offer the widest choice of science subjects possible for study, focussing more on those with a large component of topics fulfilling local needs and also those with present and future applicability
  • To create a `centre of excellence’ capable of imparting the best training in science through an effective teaching-learning mechanism
  • To provide adequate infrastructure and a support system to cater to these needs
  • To encourage research by the faculty so as to generate appropriate knowledge that benefits society
  • To provide facilities and support systems to students from the weaker sections of society so as to enable them to avail of the best of science education.
  • To provide adequate opportunities and facilities for extracurricular and co-curricular activities in the college to enable the students to develop an awareness beyond their curriculum in order that they build their personalities to the fullest
  • To start new courses that have a greater component for local applications and opportunities for self employment in the future