Department of Geology

The Department of Geology was established in 1961 as the only department in Satara and Sangali districts in Shivaji University jurisdiction keeping in view the prime needs of the region for awareness and knowledge of Earth science. The subject is being taught from XII up to B.Sc. III level. The Department is enriched with quality instruments such as Grinding/Polishing Machine , Polarizing Microscope ,Mirror Stereoscope, Binocular Microscope , Point Counter , Survey equipments , Maps , Charts , Models  Slides , Thin Sections Of Rocks and Minerals as well as a large number of mineral , Rock and Fossil Specimens. Our museum is one of the best stocked museums in the university with around 3000 specimens. Three students from our department have also been honoured by NASA under their ‘Rock around the world’ scheme for adding to knowledge of Mars and the solar system by contributing unique rock samples.

Our faculty also involved in social awareness activities such as lectures and publishing articles in newspapers regarding earthquakes. Consultancy services with regards to groundwater prospecting are also provided to Farmers.   



  • Best museum in the University.
  • Polarizing Microscope.
  • Very good infrastructure, material & Library.
  • Computer with Internet Facility
  • Automatic Slide Viewer.

Names of Programmes/Courses offered  :-  UG (B.Sc.)